GitBox: ASF Writable Git Services

This service,, provides Apache projects with a two-master setup of Git repositories so committers can use two different ways to commit code to the Apache Software Foundation: through GitHub or through the ASF. All Apache repositories present on GitBbox are available on GitHub with write-access enabled, including rights to open/close/merge pull requests and address issues.

Projects wishing to move their repositories from either or may do so by filing a Jira ticket with Infra.

Once you set up GitBox and have linked your accounts via the account linking page, you have write-access on both services (GitBox and GitHub). People who do not wish to use GitHub may continue using their ASF credentials to push code to `` - we do not mandate use of one or the other. Account authorization on GitHub typically happens within an hour of linking accounts.

Our available services:

Active Git repositories, original or mirrored from active GitHub repositories

Link GitHub and ASF accounts (required to push to GitHub)

Create a new GitBox/GitHub repository

Managed by the Apache Infrastructure Team.
Copyright 2021, the Apache Software Foundation. Licensed under the Apache License 2.0