This is a collection of, primarily, read-only Git mirrors of Apache subversion codebases. The mirrors are automatically updated and contain full version histories (including branches and tags) from the respective source trees in the official Subversion repository at Apache. See the documentation and the wiki page for more information (including how to set up git svn dcommit support for Apache committers).

Many Apache projects now use Git as their primary SCM. Some are hosted on the legacy "Git WiP" system, while most are now hosted on our new dual-master service, While this site contains copies of the git repositories found on git-wip-us, they are in the process of being migrated to the gitbox service, and should not be considered canonical on this site.

Note that the svn-git mirrors are missing Subversion features like svn:ignore, svn:eol-style and svn:keywords settings and support for empty directories.

Please contact the mailing list if you have comments or suggestions regarding this service. See the documentation for instructions on how to get another Apache codebase mirrored here.

Origin Git Mirror Description Git Clone URL Alternatives
abdera.git Apache Abdera git://  
ace.git Apache Ace git://  
ant-xooki.git Apache Ant Xooki git://  
apr-iconv.git Apache Portable Runtime iconv git://  
apr-util.git Apache Portable Runtime util git://  
apr.git Apache APR git://  
apreq.git Apache HTTP Request Library git://  
archiva-sandbox.git Apache Archiva sandbox git://  
aries.git Apache Aries git://  
axis1-java.git Axis1 Java git://  
axis1.git Apache Axis1 git://  
axis2-c.git Apache Axis2/C git://  
axis2-java.git Apache Axis2/Java git://  
axis2-transports.git Apache Axis2 transports git://  
batik.git Apache Batik git://  
bloodhound.git Apache Bloodhound git://  
chainsaw.git Apache Chainsaw git://  
chemistry-cmislib.git Apache Chemistry CMISLib git://  
chemistry-dotcmis.git Apache Chemistry DotCMIS git://  
chemistry-objectivecmis.git Apache Chemistry ObjectiveCMIS git://  
chemistry-opencmis.git Apache Chemistry OpenCMIS git://  
chemistry-phpclient.git Apache Chemistry PHPClient git://  
chemistry-portcmis.git Apache Chemistry PortCMIS git://  
click.git Apache Click git://  
cocoon.git Apache Cocoon git://  
comdev-helpwanted.git Apache Community Dev - HelpWanted git://  
comdev-projects.git Apache Community Dev - projects git://  
comdev-reporter.git Apache Community Dev - Reporter git://  
comdev-site.git Apache Community Dev - Website git://  
continuum.git Apache Continuum git://  
creadur-tentacles.git Apache Tentacles git://  
creadur-whisker.git Apache Whisker git://  
ctakes.git git://  
ddlutils.git Apache DB DdlUtils git://  
deltacloud.git Apache DeltaCloud git://  
derby.git Apache Derby git://  
devicemap-browsermap.git Apache Devicemap Browsermap git://  
directmemory-lightning.git Apache Directmemory - Lightning git://  
directmemory.git Apache DirectMemory git://  
esme.git Apache ESME (incubating) git://  
etch.git Apache Etch (incubating) git://  
felix.git Apache Felix git://  
flink-libraries.git Apache Flink Libraries git://  
flood.git Apache Flood git://  
fop-pdf-images.git Apache FOP PDF Images git://  
fop.git Apache FOP git://  
forrest.git Apache Forrest git://  
ftpserver.git Apache FtpServer git://  
geronimo-devtools.git Apache Geronimo Devtools git://  
geronimo-genesis.git Apache Geronimo genesis git://  
geronimo-gshell.git Apache Geronimo gshell git://  
geronimo-jaspi.git Apache Geronimo jaspi git://  
geronimo-javamail.git Apache Geronimo javamail git://  
geronimo-schema-14.git Apache Geronimo Schema j2ee 1.4 git://  
geronimo-schema-5.git Apache Geronimo Schema Java EE 5 git://  
geronimo-schema-6.git Apache Geronimo Schema Java EE 6 git://  
geronimo-specs.git Apache Geronimo specs git://  
geronimo-txmanager.git Apache Geronimo txmanager git://  
geronimo-xbean.git Apache Geronimo xbean git://  
geronimo.git Apache Geronimo git://  
hadoop-common.git Apache Hadoop common git://  
hadoop-hdfs.git Apache Hadoop HDFS git://  
hadoop-mapreduce.git Apache Hadoop MapReduce git://  
harmony.git Apache Harmony git://  
hcatalog.git Apache HCatalog git://  
httpasyncclient.git Apache HttpComponents HttpAsyncClient git://  
httpd-docs-build.git Apache HTTPD Docs Build git://  
httpd.git Apache HTTP Server git://  
iampoc.git IAM PoC git://  
incubator-griffin-site.git Apache griffin (Incubating) git://  
incubator-netbeans-temp.git Apache NetBeans (incubating) temporary repository git://  
incubator-sentry.git Apache Sentry git://  
incubator-taverna-site.git Apache Taverna (Incubating) Web Site git://  
incubator-twill.git Apache Twill git://  
infrastructure-docker.git Apache Infrastructure Docker git://  
infrastructure-mergebot-test.git Apache Infrastructure Mergebot Test git://  
infrastructure-packer.git Apache Infrastructre packer templates git://  
infrastructure-whimsy.git Apache Infrastructure Whimsy git://  
jackrabbit-filevault-package-maven-plugin.git Apache Jackrabbit Filevault Package Maven Plugin git://  
jackrabbit-filevault.git Apache Jackrabbit FileVault git://  
jackrabbit-oak.git Apache Jackrabbit Oak git://  
jackrabbit-ocm.git Apache Jackrabbit OCM git://  
jackrabbit.git Apache Jackrabbit git://  
kalumet.git Apache Kalument (Incubating) git://  
kandula.git Apache Kandula git://  
lenya.git Apache Lenya git://  
log4j-component.git Apache log4j component git://  
log4j-extras.git Apache log4j extras git://  
log4j-receivers.git Apache log4j receivers git://  
log4j-zeroconf.git Apache log4j zeroconf git://  
log4j.git Apache log4j git://  
manifoldcf-integration-elasticsearch-1.5.git Apache ManifoldCF Elasticsearch 1.5 Integration git://  
manifoldcf-integration-elasticsearch-2.0.git Apache ManifoldCF Elasticsearch 2.0 Integration git://  
manifoldcf-integration-elasticsearch-5.5.git Apache ManifoldCF Elasticsearch 5.5 Integration git://  
manifoldcf-integration-elasticsearch.git Apache ManifoldCF Elasticsearch Integration git://  
manifoldcf-integration-sharepoint-2007.git Apache ManifoldCF Sharepoint 2007 Integration git://  
manifoldcf-integration-sharepoint-2010.git Apache ManifoldCF Sharepoint 2010 Integration git://  
manifoldcf-integration-sharepoint-2013.git Apache ManifoldCF Sharepoint 2013 Integration git://  
manifoldcf-integration-sharepoint-2016.git Apache ManifoldCF Sharepoint 2016 Integration git://  
manifoldcf-integration-solr-3.x.git Apache ManifoldCF solr-3.x Integration git://  
manifoldcf-integration-solr-4.x.git Apache ManifoldCF solr-4.x Integration git://  
manifoldcf-integration-solr-5.x.git Apache ManifoldCF Solr 5.x Integration git://  
manifoldcf-integration-solr-6.x.git Apache ManifoldCF Solr 6.x Integration git://  
manifoldcf-integration-solr-7.x.git Apache ManifoldCF Solr 7.x Integration git://  
manifoldcf.git Apache ManifoldCF git://  
maven-2.git Apache Maven 2 git://  
maven-ant-tasks.git Apache Maven ant tasks git://  
maven-app-engine.git Apache Maven App Engine git://  
maven-doxia-ide.git Apache Maven Doxia IDE git://  
maven-doxia-tools.git Apache Maven Doxia tools git://  
maven-mercury.git Apache Maven mercury git://  
maven-plugins.git Apache Maven plugins git://  
maven-pom.git Apache Maven pom git://  
maven-repository-tools.git Apache Maven repository tools git://  
maven-resources.git Apache Maven resources git://  
maven-sandbox.git Apache Maven sandbox git://  
maven-shared.git Apache Maven shared git://  
maven-skins.git Apache Maven skins git://  
mod_perl.git Apache mod_perl git://  
mrunit.git Apache MRUnit git://  
npanday-its.git Apache NPanday ITs git://  
npanday.git Apache NPanday git://  
nuvem.git Apache Nuvem git://  
ofbiz-framework.git Apache OFBiz Framework git://  
ofbiz-plugins.git Apache OFBiz Plugins git://  
ofbiz.git Apache OFBiz git://  
oltu.git Apache Oltu git://  
openejb.git Apache OpenEJB git://  
pdfbox.git Apache PDFBox git://  
photark-mobile.git Apache Photark - Mobile (Incubating) git://  
photark.git Apache Photark - Server (Incubating) git://  
pig.git Apache Pig git://  
pivot.git Apache Pivot git://  
pluto.git Apache Pluto git://  
poi.git Apache POI git://  
polygene-java.git Apache Zest qi4j git://  
polygene-sandbox.git Apache Zest sandbox git://  
polygene-website.git Apache Polygene Website git://  
qpid.git Apache Qpid git://  
rampart.git Apache Rampart git://  
rave.git Apache Rave git://  
redback-components.git Apache Redback components git://  
river.git Apache River git://  
sandesha.git Apache Sandesha git://  
sanselan.git Commons Sanselan git://  
santuario-cpp.git Apache Santuario C++ git://  
santuario-java.git Apache Santuario Java git://  
savan.git Apache Savan git://  
serf.git Apache Serf git://  
servicemix-archetypes.git Apache ServiceMix archetypes git://  
servicemix-components.git Apache ServiceMix components git://  
servicemix-documentation.git Apache ServiceMix Documentation git://  
servicemix-pom.git Apache ServiceMix POM git://  
servicemix-utils.git Apache ServiceMix utils git://  
servicemix-website.git Apache ServiceMix website git://  
servicemix3.git Apache ServiceMix 3 git://  
servicemix4-bundles.git Apache ServiceMix 4 bundles git://  
servicemix4-features.git Apache ServiceMix 4 features git://  
servicemix4-kernel.git Apache ServiceMix 4 kernel git://  
servicemix4-legal.git Apache ServiceMix 4 legal git://  
servicemix4-nmr.git Apache ServiceMix 4 NMR git://  
servicemix4-specs.git Apache ServiceMix 4 specs git://  
servicemix5.git Apache ServiceMix 5 git://  
shindig.git Apache Shindig git://  
sirona.git Apache Sirona (Incubating) git://  
spamassassin.git Apache SpamAssassin git://  
stanbol.git Apache Stanbol git://  
stdcxx.git Apache C++ Standard Library git://  
steve.git Apache STeVe git://  
stratos.git Apache Stratos git://  
subversion.git Apache Subversion git://  
tapestry3.git Apache Tapestry 3 git://  
tapestry4.git Apache Tapestry 4 git://  
tashi.git Apache Tashi git://  
tiles-autotag.git Apache Tiles Autotag git://  
tiles-request.git Apache Tiles Request git://  
tiles.git Apache Tiles git://  
tomcat-connectors.git Apache Tomcat Connectors git://  
tomcat-maven-plugin.git Apache Tomcat Maven plugin git://  
tomee-churchkey.git Digital Signature, JWT and Public Key utilities git://  
tomee-eclipse-plugin.git Apache TomEE git://  
tomee-sandbox.git Apache TomEE git://  
tomee-site-ng.git Apache TomEE Site-NG git://  
tomee-site.git Apache TomEE - Site git://  
turbine-core.git Apache Turbine Core git://  
turbine-fulcrum.git Apache Turbine Fulcrum Components git://  
tuscany-das.git Apache Tuscany DAS git://  
tuscany-sca-1.x.git Apache Tuscany SCA 1.x git://  
tuscany-sca-2.x.git Apache Tuscany SCA 2.x git://  
tuscany-sca-cpp.git Apache Tuscany SCA C++ git://  
tuscany-sdo.git Apache Tuscany SDO git://  
uima-addons.git Apache UIMA addons git://  
uima-as.git Apache UIMA uima-as git://  
uima-build.git Apache UIMA build git://  
uima-ducc.git Apache UIMA DUCC git://  
uima-ruta.git Apache UIMA ruta git://  
uima-sandbox.git Apache UIMA sandbox git://  
uima-uimacpp.git Apache UIMA uimacpp git://  
uima-uimaj-v3.git Apache uimaj-v3 git://  
uima-uimaj.git Apache UIMA git://  
velocity-engine.git Apache Velocity Engine git://  
velocity-tools.git Apache Velocity Tools git://  
vysper.git Apache Vysper git://  
webservices-axiom.git Apache Webservices Axiom git://  
webservices-commons-xmlschema.git Apache Web Services Commons XMLSchema git://  
webservices-neethi.git Apache Webservices Neethi git://  
webservices-xmlschema.git Apache Web Services XmlSchema git://  
whirr.git Apache Whirr git://  
wink-website.git Apache Wink Website git://  
wink.git Apache Wink git://  
wookie.git Apache Wookie git://  
wss4j.git Apache WSS4J git://  
xalan-j.git Apache Xalan Java git://  
xerces-c.git Apache Xerces C++ git://  
xerces2-j.git Apache Xerces2 Java git://  
xml-graphics-commons.git Apache XML Graphics Commons git://  
xmlbeans.git Apache XMLBeans git://  
zetacomponents.git Apache Zeta Components git://